Tom Week – The Trouble With Pills

The sadness over Rex has triggered everything wrong with my body at the very moment I’ve run out of all my pills. The CVS in Starke, in an attempt to help me, has screwed me up royally. Going to urgent care tomorrow to try to get new prescriptions.

I rode my bike to pick up the rental car. Despite my recent illness I thought I’d be OK. I did actually make it the rental car place without a problem. I was a little woozy, but not bad. Then I went to put the folding bike in the back of the SUV and the smell inside the car grabbed me by the gut, causing me to puke up breakfast.

So later I made an appointment at the urgent care with the best rating on yelp. I got there and they told me they don’t take appointments, but there was nobody waiting so they could get me right in. Then they informed me that they can’t write prescriptions and I would have to go to the emergency room.

So at the emergency room there was also nobody waiting so I got right in and the doctor wrote up my prescriptions. Off to CVS.

Unfortunately it’s parade day in Ocala and CVS is on the parade root. Had to park half a mile away and make my way through the parade crowd. But it was worth it. CVS had both drugs in stock and filled them right away. Yeah!

Feeling better but still tired. Blood sugar down to the mid 200’s. A hundred to go.

Took forever to get to sleep last night. Slept late this morning. I have to not take naps during the day. Trying to get back to normal sleep patterns. Tomorrow I also need to go back to normal eating patterns.

I got a new phone today. I’ve spent less on some cars I’ve owned. But it’s time to get a big boy phone. Now people can text me and all that stuff.

Author: Tom
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