Tom Week - The Cure

tonya and spencer and pat

6/30/22 – Actually Sick

I have a sinus infection.

7/1/22 – On Antibiotics

This should help, but after the first dose I feel sicker than before.

7/2/22 – Surprisingly Better

Usually antibiotics wipe me out, but it’s only the second day and I’m feeling much better. Soon I will be well enough to talk about things other than my health.

7/3/22 – Wiped

The illness is fading rapidly, but when the antibiotic kicks in my brain goes woozy.

7/4/22 – Much Better

The antibiotics did not wipe me out today. Good sign.

Took Pat to Home Depot to buy plants. That had nothing good. We then went to Walmart. Much better. It’s funny because last year we started at Walmart and wound up buying at Home Depot.

Oh yeah, Spencer LOVES riding in Ann’s pickup truck. (In the cab, not the bed.)

7/5/22 – Not Sick, Still Tired

I woke up feeling great. I had energy, but from past experience I limited my physical activity today. Sure enough, by late afternoon I was exhausted from just sitting around.

Spent most of the day relearning how to move bones in Blender. Productive.

7/6/22 – 90%

Not 100, but almost. Got lots of animation work done though.

And the Pasta Fairy came and brought us dinner.