Tom Week – The Boonies

8/27/20 – Cascading To Ellensburg

Today we drove through the Cascade Mountain Range to Ellensburg Washington. (Get it? Cascading! Boonies Humor) We’re at a very nice park right on a very fast-moving river. It’s a college town so there’s lots of bike lanes.

8/28/20 – By The Yakima River

Lots of bike lanes and paths here. Some paved. Some not. Best of all I got to ride on part of the John Wayne Pioneer trail, which is part of the transcontinental bike route.

8/29/20 – Too Windy For Tunnels

My plan today was to ride my bike to the Thorp Tunnels. They are a pair of old railroad tunnels now used for a bike trail. It’s a round trip of about twenty miles. However, the wind today is a steady 20 miles an hour. Too much for my old muscles.

Instead I got a LOT of work done on a couple animations. I’m finally getting the new laptop up to speed video-wise.

8/30/20 – Big Red Wagon Land

We are in Spokane Valley Washington. It is wedged between Spokane and the state of Idaho.

8/31/20 – Idaho and Back

I rode my bike to Idaho today. 19.3 miles there and back. They have great trails here with surprisingly few hills.

9/1/20 – Sandpoint Idaho

Sandpoint is the hometown of Sarah Palin. They don’t brag about it though. We’re at the fairgrounds RV park which is much parkier than most fairground parks. There is no TV, cable or over-the-air, but the fairground has free WIFI and there’s only a few people here, so it’s fast.

And we saw a deer.

9/2/20 – I am not Steve

Today I went into the Safeway in Bonner’s Ferry Idaho. Everyone was staring at me. At first I thought it was my mask, then I thought it was my Branson shirt, but nobody doesn’t like Branson. Then I got to the checkout and the clerk was staring at me hard. She relaxed when I swiped my club card though. “Oh, you’re not him.” She said. Turns out a man named Steve, who looks a lot like me, robbed a bank last week.

We are now in Flathead County Montana. No cell phone service. No internet. No TV. Not even a water hookup. The scenery is postcardy though. A lake, mountains and some wonderfully odd neighbors. Corn moon tonight should be glorious. I’ll miss this place in a few day when we’re crammed into a big city park over Labor Day Weekend.

9/3/20 – Where Are The Birds?

We are on the shore of a lake. A lake with no birds. I’ve never seen a lake with no birds. I blame Steve.

Went for a glorious bike ride today. The plan was to climb high enough to get a cell phone signal so we could let the world know we were OK. Nope. No signal anywhere. However, the scenery made up for the lack of connectivity. Saw one hawk, but no other wildlife.

9/4/20 – Whitefish, We Are Here

The toughest leveling job ever. Our spot is carved into the side of a hill and no two wheels are on the same plane. I’m using 12 leveling blocks, four hydraulic levelers and we still aren’t right. Close enough, but not right. Being Labor Day Weekend we have to take what we can get.

It’s good to have WIFI again. I missed you great big internet world. We only have 6 wobbly over-the-air TV channels, but it’s better than none.

9/5/20 – Flathead Flat

Got a flat tire on my bike ride today. Fortunately had a spare tube.

9/6/20 – Hills Misread

For the second day in a row I’ve completely misread the steepness of hills. As I’m going down I think the hills are very steep, but coming back up I find them easy. Perhaps the wide open spaces of Montana are confusing me.

It’s political ad season here in big sky country. The hard part is telling the candidates apart. The woman running for Congress is the only exception to sea of old white guys. Still, she drinks beer, shoots animals and talks about family values. And she’s the Democrat.

9/7/20 – Missoula Again

It’s cold. Looking at freezing temps tonight. Yesterday it hit 90. Love these arctic blasts.

Yesterday’s bike ride put me over 1000 miles for the year.

I like Missoula, but we’re only here for two days because the national women’s rodeo rolls into town on Wednesday.


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