Tom Week – The Big Trees

7/16/20 – Crescent City Rolls

Turns out that there is no such thing as Crescent City Rolls. How can you have a city called Crescent City and not have rolls named after it. And they call themselves Californians! They do have big trees though.

Overheard two women at WalMart talking about schools reopening. One said to the other, “I rather have my kid stupid than dead.”

7/17/20 – Closed?

Tonya had a 10AM appointment to get her bloodwork done today. Turns out the lab is closed this week. Huh? The website let us make an appointment and even check in online, but when we arrived there was a closed sign on the door. Hopefully our new appointment on Monday is more happening.

7/18/20 – Bike Ride

Climbed a big steep hill today. I’ve found that I’m able to climb steep hills if I stand when I pedal, which I don’t like doing. Wears me out. Though going back down was fun. I hit 37 miles per hour, which is cool because 37 is my favorite number.

Then I wandered around the city, county and state park. Yes, one park, three jurisdictions. I don’t know why it’s not also a national park. Maybe it’s too small.

7/19/20 – Another Ride

Avoided the big steep hills today, but still managed to climb over 300 feet. I’m getting used to the steeper gears. My legs are going to be huge.

I found the replacement gears I want but they are out of stock till August.

7/20/20 – North of Eureka

We are at a run-down RV park with a very fancy name. It used to be a KOA, but exists way below those standards now. When I hooked up the water supply I got soaked by water pouring out of every part of the spigot. Fortunately, I have TOOLS. I swapped spigots with an unoccupied spot. I even added some plumbers tape for a better seal.

On the other hand, the neighbors all around us a really nice. Makes you feel at home.

7/21/20 – Sticker Burr Park

This park is Abigail’s worst nightmare. After every walk we have to hold her down and pull a couple dozen sticker burrs out of her feet. They are everywhere. I tried sweeping a clear path on the road but they seem to jump onto her from nowhere. We leave tomorrow.

7/22/20 – The Fiberglass Menagerie

We are parked next to the park’s miniature golf course which features several large fiberglass animals with surprisingly accurate genitalia.


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