Tom Week - The Apopka Triangle

Barred Owl Rd

1/4/24 – The Apopka Triangle
Nothing ominous really. We’re just in a triangle-shaped campground in Apopka FL. Not to be confused with Palatka, FL. Apparently it’s a common mistake.

1/5/24 – Sick Of Being Sick
Actually, what I need now is a good night sleep. Been thinking too much about things over which I have no control. Need to let things go.

1/6/24 – This Day
Finally slept well. Still a little under the weather, but better. My blood sugar was almost down to normal this morning. Mind is finding comfort in some areas. Others, not so much.

Thanks to all for the nice words about my movie article.

1/7/24 – Landing In Peace
There was nothing really wrong with the last few campgrounds, but pulling into this one we felt instant calm. Nothing tangible, it’s just very peaceful here. Also, we are the corner of Barred Owl Road and Donkey Lane. What better address could there be?

Oh, and the campground is run by The Escapees!

1/8/24 – Warm Day
Another lazy day. Got a bunch of programming done.

1/9/24 – Tornadoes in Florida
Today’s storm brought tornadoes to Panama City Beach and almost tornadoes to Orlando. We, half way in between, lucked out.

1/10/24 – Dream Panic
I had some sort of dream last night. I remember none of it, but I woke up at 4AM sweating, heart racing, blankets askew. I tried calming myself down but realized that I was having a full on panic attack. Haven’t had one of those in several years. Didn’t know that could happen in your sleep.