Tom Week – Texas Insomnia

10/29/20 – Pain, Wind and Insomnia

No sleep again. I did something to me knee yesterday. It kept me up most of the night. Then just when I could start getting comfortable, the wind got wild and kept me rocking till dawn. I managed a nap later, but otherwise wasted the day being exhausted.

10/30/20 – Big City San Antonio

Lots of traffic and more Walmarts than you shake a stick at. We are in a beautiful park right next to a miles long bike path. Ride tomorrow.

Today we drove through Hondo Texas. Hondo is the most Texas name a city could have.

10/31/20 – HALOWEEN!

Yesterday in Walmart, I heard my mother’s voice telling me to buy candy for the trick-or-treaters. I tried to argue, but she won. Good thing, because we’ve had a bunch of little kids come by. Most of the candy is gone. Yahoo!

I went for a 14 mile bike ride today. No flats!

Family members: Turns out there is a Flanders New York. You must see what it is famous for.

11/1/20 – Kicked Out Of The Alamo

I wasn’t planning to go to the Alamo but found that it was just a four mile bike ride, so how could I not? When I got there I posed my bike so I could get it in the picture. Also appearing in the picture is the Texas Ranger walking up to tell me that bikes aren’t allowed near the Alamo.

I suggested that they should put up a sign. He said it was on the internet. Yeah, that helps.

11/2/20 – Parked at the Gas Station

We’ve stayed in nearly 200 campgrounds all over the country. This is the first one that is also a gas station.

We are in Kerrville Texas. One of those places that’s pronounced differently by everybody in the town.

11/3/20 – Campground Voting

Turns out the rec room here at the Kerrville Texas KOA is a polling place. It took us half a day to notice the “Vote Here” signs. We just thought the convenience store was just really popular.

Went on a 19 mile bike ride today. Still no flats!

11/4/20 – Post Election Stress

Did not sleep last night. Watched a bunch of Star Wars movies. Now it’s 5PM. Joe Biden is currently one state away from becoming president. I am almost daring to relax.

We are in San Angelo, Texas. To get here we had to go to Eden and turn left.

Last night two deer came through the campground. I went out to take their picture. They were not afraid of me.


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