Tom Week – Stress and Relief

The Move Stress

Surprisingly the stress level about moving is decreasing. We are making great progress. The shed and the back room are done. The dogs area is well under way. We should have the cottage done in a couple weeks. Pat is painting everything in site.

In addition, Pat found a company that will take all our furniture, sell it and split the profits with us. This removes a giant stress point for us.

Sick Dogs

On the other end of the stress scale, both dogs picked up kennel cough at the groomers. We gave them Benadryl. Rex handled it fine but TJ developed “muscle tremors.” These look like seizures. Very scary. He’s much better now.

The Website

Sorry for those few days that the website was unstable. After several years at the same host I had to move the site. The old host became totally flaky and their customer support, which used to be great, failed to live up to expectations. So the site has a new home and everything is back on track.


Photo by Bekathwia

Author: Tom
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