Tom Week – Strava Success


Good bike ride this morning. Ten miles. Best of all I now have the 7th fastest time on Strava for a route segment in Castroville. My usual place is in the hundreds or even thousands.

Rest of the day was lazy, listening to sea lions and boat bells, watching neighbors come and go. Lots of fun.

Got dinner from Phil’s which is one of the main reasons for coming to Moss Landing.


Driving through the familiar. It was nice to visit Gilroy and eat at one of our favorite restaurants. It was weird though driving so close to San Francisco but not going to San Francisco.

This park is nice. We have an unobstructed view of the ocean.


Lots of climbing on the bike today. Just short of 1000 feet.

There are way more rental RVs here than in any other park we’ve been in.


Pat and Tonya had Dr. appointments today. Had lunch at one of favorite restaurants.

Later we got to visit with our informally adopted son Chester. Smiles and tears.


Shopping day. Running from one familiar place to another. Consumer nostalgia.

Tonight I went to a comedy showcase. It is among the worst I ever saw.


Too cold to ride today. Where we’re going tomorrow it’s in the 80’s.


Woke up to temps in the low 50’s. Many miles later it’s in the 90’s. Ah California.

Tried to get propane at the RV park but the guy couldn’t make the pump work. Or the next guy, or the fourth guy. Finally we gave up. Hopefully the problem is their pump and not our tank.


This island off the coast of San Francisco is rarely visible due to fog.
hang glider
This hang glider zoomed over the RV park a couple times.
mountain sea gulls
Only at a truck stop in Northern California can you see sea gulls and a snow-covered mountain.
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