Tom Week – Storage Time

Storage Time

Yes, sadly, it is once again storage time for the RV. We are weeks away from completing the new deal with the new buyer. In the morning I will dump the tanks, shut off the fridge and drive 2.7 miles to the new storage yard.

No family trip this year

With everything going on around here I’m not going to make it to the family get together. Sorry folks, too many hassles, not enough time.

Many Random Thoughts

I used to tell jokes about a heavy metal band called Titanium, but nobody ever laughed.

If I’m the cheery one, society is in trouble.

The myth of the rhyme. The glory of the song. The strings weep. The metronome bleeds.

Do you ever fear that the paranoids are out to get you?

If you recognize a bumper sticker as geeky, you’re a geek.

Alcohol does not cure the disease of writing, but it does relieve some of the symptoms.

This place, where I am sitting right now, is where some very good writing will happen.

Never end a sentence with Preparation H.

Some jokes about Detroit are only funny in Detroit.

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.