Tom Week - St. Auggie

Christmas Lights

12/1/22 – New Month
This motel has barking dogs, kids running in the hall and lizards at the door. It’s the first motel that’s felt like home.

12/2/22 – Not Thinking
We need to exchange the rental car with one that doesn’t make our backs and butts sore. I went to the rental place, not realizing that it was Friday afternoon and not a single vehicle was unspoken for. Will try again on Monday when the weekenders have gone.

12/3/22 – Outlet Farce
We went to the outlet mall around the corner. The prices were higher than at the regular stores. That’s not how this is supposed to work.

12/4/22 – GPS Delusions
I usually use Google Maps for directions. Lately though, the talking lady as we call her, has lost her mind. We keep winding up on dirt roads and narrow paths that are supposed to be quicker than the main roads but never are. I’ve tried messing with the settings but nothing helps.

12/5/22 – New Rental
I swapped rental cars today. Wound up with a black Ford Explorer. Much better seats.

We went downtown to see all the Christmas lights. Impressive, but they were almost all white. Some color would be nice.

12/6/22 – Lizard Visit
We had a visitor in the motel room today. Pat noticed movement by the curtain and said she thought she saw a lizard. I peeked in from the other end and sure enough, there was a lizard in the room. As I moved the curtain it ran through an opening under the door and out to the patio. I plugged up the hole.

We went to the DMV today to apply for a disabled placard for Tonya. The one we have from California expired last year. Pat spent quite a while getting the form online and getting Dr. Lucas’ approval. We printed the form and took it to the DMV. 

When we got there the lady told us that if we didn’t have an appointment there would be a long wait, or we could go to the drive through window. We went to the drive-thru. There was no line. I expected the clerk to take the form and tell us we’d hear from them whenever. Instead, she entered the info into her computer, and gave us the placards. Too Easy.

12/7/22 – Daytona Beach!
On our way to the motel we stopped to catch up on the laundry. We wound up at the friendliest laundromat ever. We are on the seventh floor overlooking the ocean. Very nice.