Tom Week - Sparkleberry

full moon

1/5/23 – Just A Sitcom
I’m getting tired of people who complain about continuity errors between YOUNG SHELDON and THE BIG BANG THEORY. They are both silly sitcoms. RELAX!

1/6/23 – Young Lunch
We went out to lunch today at a restaurant that serves hush puppies, one of Pat’s favorites. We were just about the youngest people there. That doesn’t happen a lot these days. You’ve never seen so many canes and walkers.

1/7/23 – There Be Fuddruckers Here
My favorite steak sandwich in the world. Cheese on top yummy. 

The moon was red as it came over the horizon. Now it’s yellow.

I’m feeling restless and want to go out but I can’t find any place worth risking covid for. We passed a place that I thought had punk rock, but it turns out they just sell punk rock t-shirts. Bummer.

1/8/23 – Bad Air
The hotel we’re in has some some kind of perfumed air. It’s disgusting.

The Ava Gardner museum is just up the street. Oh boy!

1/9/23 – Not From Around Here
This was the first time in all the years we’ve been traveling that we ate in a diner where we were definitely NOT welcome. 

I have two tickets for tomorrow’s Mega Millions drawing. I bought them at an IGA.

Did I mention that we’re a small town in North Carolina?

1/10/23 – Sparkleberry
The best thing my GPS has ever said, “Turn left on Sparkleberry.” 

1/11/23 – Walk N’ Rock
Tonya and I went for a walk but couldn’t find and sidewalks. We wandered the parking lot for a bit but cars weren’t expecting us to be there. We finally settled on going to the Cracker Barrel next door and borrowing their rocking chairs for a while.