Tom Week - Southern Food


2/9/23 – Diner Days
We went to a 50’s diner today. Breakfast all day all the way.

Later we went to Walmart and I bought a six-pack of socks. I buy a new batch every year whether I need them or not.

2/10/23 – Diner Days 2
Another day, another diner. I had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with fries. Yummy! There were some obnoxious people who were thoroughly mocked by us and the wait staff after they left.

The motel room freezer is full of tater tots.

2/11/23 – Fast Food For A Change
Went to Culver’s for lunch. Good food. There was a very old woman there with horrible perfume that was making everyone gag. The clerk was coughing and she said to him, “People should stay home if they’re sick. People have been coughing around me all day.” Nobody, even me, had the courage to tell her.

2/12/23 – Too Many Diners
This town is just full of funky little dinners with great food. Today it was Granny Sally’s. I had a huge and delicious hot dog. Pat had a fish sandwich with two sandwiches; worth of fish.

2/13/23 – Good News
According to the guy on the phone at the repair place, my new RV engine is in and it will be ready to go in a week or so. So it’s north we go.

2/14/23 – North To Georgia
Driving every day this week is going to get tiresome, but getting back in the RV will make it all worth it. 

2/15/23 – North to South Carolina
Gas is cheap here. Under three dollars. Battled the trucks on 95 most of the day.