Tom Week – South of the Border

10/17/19 – Fayetteville

We’re in a cute little park run by a cute little couple. They remind me of my parents.

The ground is sandy somehow.

10/18/19 – More Fayetteville

Did a pile of laundry today. The adventure never ends.

10/19/19 – Sprouts

There was a Sprouts in Fayetteville. Pat bought bunches of produce.

Today at McDonalds a man asked, “What kinda pies do y’all have?” The south.

We are at this very tacky roadside place called South of the Border, only it’s raining too hard to enjoy it all. Maybe tomorrow.

10/20/19 – Happy Birthday

Today I am 58, which is weird because I’ve been telling people I’m 58 for some time now. I managed to do almost nothing today. Played lot’s of doom and watched a documentary about some abandoned race tracks.

10/21/19 – Lake Marion

We are up the hill from the beach in a beautiful park. Lot’s of squirrels and not nearly as much wet sand as the last place. We are moving south faster than I expected. Soon we’ll be in Georgia. A couple days after that, Florida. Yikes.

10/22/19 – On the Shore

Mega relaxing day. I had a good bike ride, a good nap and got to stare at the lake for an extended period of time.

10/23/19 – Still Here

We decided to sit for another day. I had another good bike ride, another long nap and another wonderful sunset.


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