Tom Week – Soft Sand

2/28/20 – Back in Perry

We’ve been stuck in Florida too long. Walking into to the office at the Perry KOA the clerk yells, “Welcome back Mr. Flanders.”

We’ve been stuck here waiting for my doctor appointment, which finally happened. Unfortunately, this doctor is proving as useless as the last. After a long lecture about having to come see him every month so we can control my diabetes, he doesn’t even check my blood. He has no idea what my A1C is.

On top of that I tried to talk to him about my health concerns, which are what is causing the high blood sugar, but he wasn’t listening.

2/29/20 – Fun With Sewage

It was just one of those days that the excess poo building up in the black water pipes can no longer be ignored. We have equipment to minimize the yuckiness, but it’s still yucky.

Too cold and windy to ride the bike today. Also, I’m trying to give up coke, again, so it’s caffeine withdrawal day. Slight headache and no energy.

3/1/20 – Low energy

I am now fully decaffeinated. I need a new source of energy. Maybe protein bars.

3/2/20 – The Starke Reality

We come here because they are closest to our mailing address. They know us well. The reality though is that Starke is kind of a nothing place, unless you really like guns and camouflage.

3/3/20 – Ice Ice Baby

There was just an ad on TV for the Clay County FL fair. The headliner this year is Vanilla Ice. Too bad we’re gonna be gone by then.

3/4/20 – Soft Sand Dead End

We were looking for an RV park today. They weren’t answering their phone so we figured we’d just drive there. Only it wasn’t there. I went to turn around and got stuck in the soft sand road. I used some leveling blocks for traction and got going again, but I lost the leveling blocks.

I don’t knew if they got flung into to woods or just buried in the sand. I dug around a bit without luck. Finally I gave up.


Author: Tom
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