Tom Week - Smells to Boots

big boot

4/21/22 – Oh The Smells

Laughlin is the land of many smells. Depending on the wind we get either the water treatment plant to the north, or the pot farm to the west. Sometimes, it’s a mix of both.

Two spaces down from us is a million dollar RV whose owners are having no fun at all. You’d think for that kind of money you’d enjoy it more.

4/22/22 – Fire Stop

Heading south on Arizona 93 today we came up to a long line of stopped traffic. There was a fire up ahead. It took them an hour before we could pass. We were the lucky ones. It was another hour before the north-bound traffic could go, and another two hours before the ends of the highway were opened up. Such an adventure.

We were also lucky because we had food and a bathroom. Most people did not.

4/23/22 – No Dead People

We are at an Escapees RV park in the middle of nowhere, but not really. It looks like the middle of nowhere, but we get 41 over the air TV channels. Unfortunately the highway the park is on has no shoulder, so no bike ride today.

4/24/22 – Balls Ahoy

Tonight we are at the Gila County RV Park and Batting Range. It’s a scary little park carved out of the side of a very big hill. The remains of which hover above us. It is in Globe Arizona. A town surrounded by strip mines. 

4/25/22 – Time Flies

This morning we were in Pacific Time. Tonight we are in Mountain Time. Tomorrow we will be in Central Time. Spencer does not adjust well to time changes. Dinner time knows no zone.

Drove 300 miles today. Not a feat I hope to equal anytime soon.

4/26/22 – This Is The First Rodeo

Allegedly, Pecos Texas is home of the first rodeo. I looked it up and found several older rodeos. Another Texas lie.

No driving tomorrow. Yeah!

4/27/22 – Oh, The Boots!

Pecos Texas is full of boots. Big Ceramic Boots. They are decorated to match the business they’re in front of. They have a map of where they all are. I passed five of them on my bike ride. By accident.

Pecos is a dusty little town where the men wear too much aftershave. This morning I kept smelling Old Spice. I thought Dad was trying to manifest himself. Turns out we are downwind of the Gym across the street and all the post-workout guys douse themselves in aftershave.