Tom Week – Side-Effects

New Meds, New Side-effects

The good thing about the new meds is, they seem to be working better than the old meds. The bad thing is, the constant fear of possible side-effects. With this batch I have to watch out for; depression, high blood pressure, gastric discomfort, tiredness and weird dreams. So far I’ve managed to avoid depression. Some of the others have come and gone. I’m hoping the same happens for the others.

The Baddies

Rode my bike today. Surrounded by people doing bad things. Cars and buses parked in the bike lane. Bikes going through stop signs, not yielding to pedestrians. Pedestrians standing in the bike lane. But I didn’t let any of this bother me. I just enjoyed my ride. Ignore the baddies.

TV Lacking

It happened again this morning. I turned off the TV. Not that turning off a TV is such a big deal, but I sat down to watch TV and after 15 minutes of flipping through channels I gave up and shut it off. There was nothing on that I wanted to watch or hadn’t seen 327 times in the last month. There were actually three stations showing old episodes of Bonanza. Three!

Writers With Drinks

This is a monthly reading series, this month featuring Lit Pop. Each writer read a piece relating in someway to pop culture. Very enjoyable and entirely lacking pretension. My favorite was about a biker nun named Blood Sister who, after a wreck, is visited by the spirits of several iconic nuns.

Writers aside, the most fun I had was watching the guy sitting next to who spent the whole time on his phone. Mostly he was playing games. He spent some time texting. The best part was when he logged into Tinder. This guy was about six feet tall, 275-300 pounds and had some weird-looking hair. Judging from his swipes though, I think he has an unrealistic self-image.

Photo by Carly & Art

Author: Tom
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