Tom Week - SF Bay Area


3/21/24 – Food s/b Food
The restaurants around here don’t seem to think food tastes good unless it doesn’t taste like the food. My first hamburger here was full on onions. Tonight’s was full of garlic and covered in BBQ sauce. I just want some dead cow!

3/22/24 – Still No Museum
We’ve been coming to this RV park for years, almost since they first opened. The premise of the park was that it was to house visitors to the soon-to-be-built airplane museum. Seven years later, still no museum. Though, they do now have a paved road to where the museum is to be built.

3/23/24 – Weird Energy
Last night I had a bunch of weird dreams. This morning I had a bunch of weird energy. I finished two animations and got through three chapters in the COBOL manual. Yes, I’m learning COBOL. Not sure why. 

Then, I wasn’t feeling well so I checked my blood sugar. It was 82, which is way too low for me. Fortunately, the cure for that is to drink coke and eat a snack.

3/24/24 – California Home
We’re in Gilroy, where we’ve spent more time than anywhere else, except maybe Ann and Jenn’s driveway. The familiarity takes away some of the sense of adventure though.

3/25/24 – Settling In
Dr. Appointments made. We’ll be in the bay area for a while.

3/26/24 – Morning Fright
When I woke up this morning I realized that I forgot to lock my bike the night before. Fortunately, it was still there.

3/27/24 – Shopping Failure
Today I went to the smallest Safeway ever. They had nothing but Pat’s soup. I had to go to Walmart for the rest of the list.