Tom Week - Scripts and Karaoke

cemetery sign

8/24/23 – Best Karaoke Ever
Went to karaoke night with a friend and her friend. It was piles of fun. Many talented people and many more untalented people who don’t give a shit. I did not get up and sing. I had a few beers, but form me, karaoke would be a tequila-induced activity.

8/25/23 – Radar Lies
According to my weather app’s radar, the rain would stop at 10:30. That would allow me to ride my bike back to the campground after dropping off the rental car. I was still drizzly at 10:30 so I chickened out and road an Uber instead. This was a good choice, because the rain never actually stopped.

8/26/23 – No Shoulders
I rode my bike around town, then tried to head out for a longer ride. Each road had a nice wide shoulder, at first. Soon, each of them shrunk to nothing and I had to turn around. Three different roads did this to me. Tomorrow I’ll try going north.

8/27/23 – Another Map
Trip planning involves maps. First there is the map of RV parks. Then you need the weather map to avoid the bad storms. Then you need the smoke map to avoid the..smoke. Now we also have the cellphone coverage map, to keep us from roaming into dead zones.

Today I rode past Bridgewater State Hospital, a place with a dark history. You can’t see it from the road, but you can feel it. Or perhaps, I can feel it because I know it’s there.

8/28/23 – Getting Level
The new RV park has the toughest leveling job ever. We finally gave up and moved to another space that was only slightly better. We are on a grass slope and the ground is so soft the leveling blocks disappear into the grass. I had to put boards under them to keep them from sinking.

8/29/23 – Jerimoth Hill
Today, without knowing it, I climbed Jerimoth Hill, the highest point in Rhode Island. Yes, it’s only 812 feet, but still a climb. 

So far, there are four cats at this campground. The first afternoon we saw one. That evening, another. Today, two more. How many cats will there be tomorrow? How cat-proof is this RV?

8/30/23 – The Script
So, as I’ve said, I’m going to be in a movie. The part I’m playing turns out to be a much larger role than I expected. I appear several times throughout the film. I’m a little nervous about this. Although, the script is a wonderfully silly horror movie. The kind of stuff I grew up on.