Tom Week – School Project

School Project

By my project plan, on Monday I was nearly a week behind. Now on Wednesday I’ve caught up. I did six days planned work in three days. Everything has been way easier than I thought it would be. The base files the school provided does all the heavy lifting.

Cleaning House

Taking everything out of the house. The cottage and shed are done. Putting stuff on the sidewalk. Turns out that my neighbors LOVE tools. Luggage, not so much.

The Last Open Mic

Went to see a comedy show tonight. It sucked, which is appropriate. This was the last comedy show I will see in San Francisco. It was on Haight Street. The first comedy show I saw in San Francisco was on Haight street. It also sucked.

Friday night in the RV

We are spending the weekend in the RV. Huzzah!

The Sale Fail

So the people who were going to buy the house aren’t going to buy the house. We are talking to the next people in line on Monday.

The Cottage Empties

The big green truck came today and took away most of the junk from the cottage. I love the sight of empty space.

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