Tom Week – School and stuff

School Suffering

I don’t have enough time to work on my school project. I’m doing bits and pieces but I need a couple hours a day. Too much to do with the move. I have a soft deadline of July 9. Making that shouldn’t be a problem, but I am my father’s son and always worry about “getting there in plenty of time.”

Furniture egress

We got rid of a bunch of furniture today, Saturday. At one point we had two women fighting for the same pieces. There’s still plenty to go though.

Dark Days

We are getting smoke from the fires up north. It was foggy this morning and it was all yellow. Looked like a scene from Blade Runner.

Damn Drugs

Two days wasted being sick. I had a bad reaction to my my cholesterol drug. Fever, stomach cramps and zero energy. No more of that pill.

Back to School

Finally got to work on the school project. I’m about 1/4 finished after one day so I think I’m going to make the July 9 deadline.

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