Tom Week - RV Plumbing Stuff

covered bridge

4/6/23 – Fun With Plumbing
Now that the plumbing isn’t leaking, it was time to dewinterize. Not a difficult job, but time-consuming. I also taped up the awning, lubed the slideout, and sprayed the rubber around the windows to keep them from hardening and cracking.

There are chipmunks here.

Also, I didn’t gain any weight during the hotel times. I’m definitely flabbier than I was, but no heavier.

4/7/23 – Down In The Valley
We are at a campground near Allentown surrounded by steep hills. Cell phone reception is a distant memory.

The people here are very friendly, there are many dogs, and the stream is perfect for playing Pooh Sticks.

4/8/23 – The Valley So Low
You don’t know how much you rely on the internet till it slows to a crawl. However, I managed to get some animation work done. I’ve been falling behind with all this moving about.

The high today was 51. In a week here it’s going to be close to 90.

4/9/23 – The Frozen Hozen
We got up this morning and had no water. Outside I found that the water supply hose had frozen. Fortunately, we have a flexible hose so it did no damage. The weather app said the overnight low was going to be 35. Instead, it was 25. Way off.

There are squirrels here.

4/10/23 – Animation Day
I finally sat down and got a whole bunch of work done on a couple animations. It was supposed to be get the bike going day, but I lazied out.

4/11/23 – Bike Ride
Well, kind of a bike ride. A whopping 1.9 miles, but half of that was climbing 180 feet. Not much, but I haven’t ridden in 7 months.

4/12/23 – Plumbing’s Revenge
The water pressure at the new campground was too much for my plumbing fix. We’re using the fresh water tank and water pump. So far it’s holding. I ordered the parts and tools I need from Amazon. They’ll arrive at the next park the same day we do.