Tom Week - RV Fixed

yellow rv

3/16/23 – Wrestling In Wormtown
Went to the local weekly wrestling show here in Worcester. It was surprisingly good. Get there early if you want a seat. I had to stand the whole show. Fortunately the people I stood next to explained how wrestling works and who were the bad guys and who were the good guys. Never could have figured that out on my own.

3/17/23 – Inside The 99
We ate lunch at the 99 restaurant in Auburn. I’ve picked up food from there many times but I’ve never been inside before. Weird.

3/18/23 – Therapy Day
This morning I attended my first meeting of a support group for people who were diagnosed with autism later in life. If you know me, and think about it for moment, you should not be surprised to hear that I’m on the spectrum.

“He can sit quietly for hours playing with his cars.” 
“Stop looking at the ground and get your hands out of your pockets.”
“Why can’t you be like the other students?”
“I can do it myself.”

3/19/23 – Lazy Sunday
I got to watch the F1 race from Saudi Arabia, which there was a night race. It was pretty boring. After the first few laps it was mostly a parade.

3/20/23 – Will You Be My Friend?
I need to be more social. I’m joining online groups of interest to get the ball rolling. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be able to have friends in the real world again.

3/21/23 – THE PHONE CALL
I woke up this morning to my ringing cell phone. It was Dave’s Truck Repair. The RV is fixed and ready to go! I pick it up tomorrow. We should be on the road by the end of next week.

3/22/23 – The RV
Picked up the RV from the repair place today. The drive from Springfield to Worcester was nerve-racking, listening for any hint of something going wrong. That will take a while to get over.