Tom Week - Running Still

winters tavern

4/25/24 – Blood Guy
Tonya had to have blood taken today. It went well. I got worried, because all the other people got called to booths one through six. We got called to room eight, and it wasn’t nearly our turn. The guy in room eight was much older than the other blood takers, but he really knew what he was doing. He had me hold Tonya’s arm, just like I always do, but I usually have to talk the stabber into letting me do that. Score one for the old guys.

4/26/24 – Heart Doctor
Tonya had an echo and a cardiologist visit today. The woman doing the echo was exceptional. She didn’t need me there at all. Without even knowing sign language she was able to get Tonya to do everything she needed. No major problems with her heart, just some things to watch.

There is wind here in Pacifica.

4/27/24 – Rental Car Return
When I picked up the rental car it had ¾ of a tank of gas, so I needed that on return. I stopped at the cheapo gas station and put in four gallons. I thought that would be enough, but it wasn’t. So I put in another two gallons, and that was too much. Ah well.

Then I got to the rental place and they were very excited to see me. They had a customer waiting for just such a car. So they checked me without every looking at the gas. Ah well.

4/28/24 – Gilroy Turf Wars
When we checked in to the Gilroy RV park there was a car parked in our space. I went to the office and she moved us down one spot. No problem. A little while later another RV came and they were supposed to be in the spot we took. They were told to move down one. This however was a problem. The woman from this RV won’t stop glaring at us. It’s fun to be hated for something you can’t control.

4/29/24 – Check The Bins
Quite a while ago I ran over a hunk of metal in the road. It led to a couple flat tires. Oddly though, since that happened I haven’t open the bin where I keep my tools. I did that today and found that it was smashed and mangled. Now I have find new homes for everything in the bin. Then work on getting the bin fixed. Fun.

4/30/24 – Things Change
Just when I thought we were done, we’re hit with another round of medical stuff. Details to follow.

5/1/24 – Medical Stuff
Well, it looks like Tonya needs to have her parathyroid ripped out. We’ll be here in Northern California for another month or so.