Tom Week – Road to California


Tonight in Quartzsite. Yes, that is how it is spelled. It only hit 99 degrees today, but it’s a dry heat so we only suffered a lot. I’ve never seen Quartzsite so empty. Winter is their big season.


Lazy hot day in Quartzsite. I accomplished nothing.


We are in Desert Hot Springs, surprisingly close to the Coachella Festival. We stopped for supplies at WalMart but many of the shelves were bare. I got the last bottle of Coke in the place. The ginger ale was all gone. The chips and crackers, gone. The beer, gone. Except for Steele Reserve.

When I was hooking up I discovered we had two stow-aways. When I opened the bin with the hoses and wires a month flew out. Then as I was pulling out the power cable, a little lizard jumped out and ran into the bushes. Poor creatures have no idea where they are.


Greetings from Boron, the home of Borox. We are in the middle of the Mojave desert in an RV park so small we are actually parked facing a public street.

When we checked in the woman gave me a business card for the park and on the back was the list of the cable channels as of a couple weeks ago. She said it was pretty close but they keep changing the lineup. No indication of who “they” might be.


Eight months ago, on August 23, 2018 we stayed at the same park we are in tonight. No, it’s not the same space, but it’s close. And we are in this park for the same reason. Too hot in Bakersfield.


Down the hill from Tehachapi we stopped at our favorite nummy store. Chocolate-covered everything and sugar-infused fruit. The only real reason to go to Bakersfield.

Tonight we are in Paso Robles which is southern California’s attempt at being wine country. Tomorrow we start a week in Pismo Beach.

For some reason we were put in a spot in the middle of a large group.


Short drive to Pismo Beach. It’s weird being in a place where I know all the streets. The RV park is very tight, but not the tightest. It’s located right near downtown and has an if you squint view of the ocean. Though today the fog made that impossible. Actually happy to see fog. This is sick.


escaping styrofoam
The mystery piece of styrofoam appeared from nowhere. Actually it used to be separating the body from the interior.
snow-covered mountain
Ninety degrees in Desert Hot Springs yet the snow remains up there in the mountains. Back in California.
Mercury Comet
My Grandfather had one of these only without the mag wheels. He bought in new and was the last car he owned.
Children's choir
If you’re on the road long enough you will see everything. Little singing kids from all over the world eating lunch in Tehachapi.
A tow plane pulls a glider into the sky.
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