Tom week – riding again

On the road again

Riding 48 miles in 4 days. Nice weather does so much to motivate. May starts the National Bike Challenge. I am currently ranked:

  • San Francisco – 8th
  • California – 134th
  • National – 1,127th

Random Thoughts

Isn’t it amazing how whenever you watch a sitcom you almost never watch, it’s always an episode you’ve seen before?

For $400 I will enter a pie eating contest and intentionally lose.

I can draw squares like nobody cares.

I am in love with the phrase “Industrial Jazz.” I don’t like the music, but love the name.

The Ronco Stress-O-Matic

They say that stress is bad for you. I am the poster boy for assertion. When stress strikes my body turns on itself, turning my bloodstream into a toxic waste dump. My blood sugar and acid levels go through the roof. This causes my brain function to slow to a crawl and my joints to collect crystals which hurts like crazy. Time for destressing.


Because of the pain in my foot I’m pretty much chair-ridden today. I have so much to do that I can’t because of this. One consolation was the ARCA and NASCAR Truck races from Talladega are on TV today. Guess where it’s raining? Sad.

Turns out the foot pain isn’t gout, which it usually is. It’s Achilles Tendonitis. The good news is that it’s treatable, the bad news is that it’s likely to recur again whenever I ride hard. The Mayo Clinic says that wearing a brace can help. Apparently I’m getting old.

Cleaning House

Just took the first of many loads to Goodwill. A little sad, but the butterfly says it’s going to be OK. There be adventure ahead.

Writing Spasm

Last night was one of the weird nights where I sat down to write a quick idea and wound up writing for nearly two hours. I love it when that happens, but it got me so wired that it took two more hours to get to sleep.

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