Tom Week - Riding Again

pig bus

7/7/22 – Bike Ride!

Yes, it was too soon, but what else would you expect of me? I’m over my illness, but not over the antibiotics. The physical stress of riding pushed my side-effects to and beyond the limit. I’ll try again in a couple days.

The funnest part was when I was stopped to take rest. There was a guy mowing his lawn. Apparently he wasn’t paying attention and ran over a dead skunk. The smell and the visuals were nauseating. The funny part was that the guy, covered in skunk smell and guts rand straight into his house. His spouse will not be pleased with him.

7/8/22 – Laundry!

I know it sounds silly, but I love being able to get back to doing normal things. 

At the laundromat the TV was showing a parade of Guy Fieri shows. He can be pretty stupid some times. One chef yelled at him for holding a ladle wrong. The best was when the chef was cooking cajun pork chops and said that it gets fried for 17 minutes. Guy asked why 17 minutes. The chef yelled back, “Cause that’s how long it takes!”

7/9/22 – Another Bike Ride!

Much better this time. No diarrhea or vomiting or anything.

I also got to watch the NASCAR truck race. My favorite driver, Hailie Deegan, started 28th and finished 10th. Good job.

7/10/22 – Nap Time

I hate it when I lay down for a minute and loose a couple hours. Obviously I needed the rest, but I’d like for say in the napping planning. I know it wouldn’t happen if I didn’t lay down, but what kind of freak sits all day long?

7/11/22 – Truck Ride

For some reason, Spencer has fallen in love with riding in the truck. We wondered if it was because he rides to the dog park in the truck. Today I took him there and he had no interest in the park. He just wanted back in the truck. I guess he just loves to ride.

7/12/22 – Off to Lesta

It’s spelled Leicester but it’s pronounced Lesta. I went for a bike ride up route 56. I’ve driven that way but never realized how steep those hills were. The good part was that it was mostly uphill on the way out so it was mostly downhill coming back.

Also spent a noticeable part of the day on the phone with the Walgreens in Lake City FL trying to transfer my prescriptions. They have a wonderful voice mail system that hangs up on you after 20 minutes. Three tries so far. Maybe four will be my lucky number.

7/13/22 – Motivationless

I thought when I started riding regularly my motivation would return. It has not. Outside of riding I seem to have no inclination to do anything.