Tom Week – Ride Weather

Ride Again

The weather let up a bit today and it managed to see the high side of 60. Only just. So I bundled up and went for a ride. The wind was light and I managed to do my usual 12.5 miles. Today’s ride put me at 100 miles for the month. This is the earliest in a month I’ve hit 100. I’ve got an outside chance of doubling that.

Car Smogged

I needed to get the car smogged. I looked online and found that the 19th Ave Shell station does smog checks and they even list how many people are waiting. I looked this morning and there were zero cars in line so I rushed over there. Only problem was, the Shell station at 19th and Lincoln doesn’t do smog checks.

I also found out that that Shell station is not called 19th Ave Shell, but the Shell station at 19th and Taraval is. A mere two miles away. There was no line there.

The car passed but the process was amazing. In the past they would wheel out this huge machine and hook up all kinds of probes and sensors. This time a guy came out with a laptop. One connection to the car’s data port and one sensor stuck up the tail pipe. It took five minutes and I was on my way.

Winter Is Here

I take back all my talk of guilt when the weather was warm.

Random Thoughts

Internet radio just explained to me all the cow bell jokes. Am I cool now?

Am I the only one who thinks Blutengel is way creepier when he’s not trying to be creepy?

I’ve been told that my flowcharts are like totally zen.

What kind of bird torments shopping centers? A mall-tease falcon.

Author: Tom
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