Tom Week – Ride Again

I Ride Again

Only 10.5 miles over two rides. (4.2,6.3) Starting slow. Tomorrow I hope to do that much in one ride.

Back to school

Started on the next unit of my on-line class. So far, so easy. They promise me it will get harder.

I’m also back to doing my language lessons on Duolingo.


We spent the day at the vets. Not an emergency. We just needed to fill some prescriptions. Unable to get an appointment we took a chance as walk-ins. Great people-watching. The wait broke some people’s resolve and reserve.

We left there with a prescription for eye-drops for Abigail. We took it to CVS and were told there was no such medicine and we would have to go to a compounding pharmacy. We ran around Salinas CA, but they were all closed or way too sketchy-looking.

We finally went back to the vet and got a different medicine that actually does exist.

Tough day at school

Today’s lab assignment took quite a bit of time to complete. When finished I moved to the summary which explained that over the next two lessons they’ll teach me how to do what I’ve already done. So the next few days should be easy.

Big hill

I went for a 12 mile ride today and climbed one of the steepest hills I’ve ever seen. Four hundred feet of climbing in half a mile. I had to walk the bike up at the end. I’m going to try again tomorrow in reverse, going up the gentle side and down the steep side.

Great Day

12.5 miles on the bike. I actually stopped and bought strawberries from a farmer. Spent a couple hours lowering the handlebars on Pat’s scooter. Bliss.


Everything is happy. There is no time. There are no days. There is only us and we do stuff we want when we want.

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