Tom Week – Rex in Peace

Rex is gone. He couldn’t stand up this morning and his sad confused eyes told us it was time. We had him over 11 years. The vet was very nice and comforting.

Some days are just happy days. Got to drive on some great back highways today. Went from 40 degrees this morning to 75 this afternoon.

I’m up to 528 followers on Twitter. That’s 28 more than Monday. Two tweets yesterday. One bombed and one soared. Cool.

I got an email from a recruiter today with a job that actually sounds enjoyable and I’m qualified for it. It’s a remote 6 to 12 month contract. I just have to decide if I want a job right now. I wasn’t expecting to start looking till January.

Restarting work on the new novel(?) Working on my Twitter stuff I’ve developed a different approach to the first draft process. It’s changing how I view the novel characters and calls for some replotting.

My tablet died this morning. Went to WalMart and got a new one. It’s amazing how much crap accumulated on the old tablet that I don’t need on the new.

Events continue to keep my depression at bay. Things that need to be done are doable. The wandering will continue.

Wanted to ride today. Didn’t.

Went to renew four of my meds today. They turned down two of them. Turns out while I did have 1 refill left on each of them, the refill period for both ended last month. So tomorrow I have to go to urgent care and convince a doctor-like person that I need my meds. Such fun.

Due to the Rex situation I didn’t get to urgent care. Ah well, it’s only depression.

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