Tom Week – Requirements

Lazy Daze

I love waking up to a day with no requirements. I still get lots done, but I don’t have to if I don’t want to.

I am becoming addicted to fresh fruit.

Too hot to ride today. School took less time than I thought. We have a place to stay next week. Time for a nap.

Rode my bike before it got too hot. Learned about Javascript promises at school. Pat fed the peacocks blueberries. They REALLY like blueberries.

Long day at school today. Learned a lot. The park cleared out. Only a few of us left. Getting a pile of writing done.

When we first got here an unknown voice told me not to ride my bike out on the main road, even though it has a wide shoulder. Saw in the news that there was a bad accident a ways up the hill. Listen to the voices.

Random Thoughts

You can go over the locked gate. Or under. Or you can just wait till the nice old man opens it for you.

The person in the bear suit tried to comfort the child that was frightened by the person in the bear suit.

Even though I know they are peahens, I call them peacocks just to make uptight people cringe.

Before the trip I threw away most of what I owned. Now on the trip I find I didn’t throw away enough.

Author: Tom
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