Tom Week - Rental Car Days

feeding seagulls

2/23/23 – Therapy Days
The more I delve into my past the worse it seems. Trust issues, an excess of empathy, crippling shyness. I don’t remember it being this bad. 

2/24/23 – Sleepless in Virginia
Therapy breakthrough in the worst possible way. Now that I’ve identified all the things from the past that left me broken, I have to go back and forgive each and every one of the people who hurt me. Including my 6th grade teacher! More importantly, I have to learn to forgive myself. This won’t be easy.

2/25/23 – Rental Car Day (part 1)
I had to renew the rental car today, but since it needs some sort of preventive maintenance, they have to give me a new car, only the had no cars to give me. So tomorrow I have to go to a different Enterprise location that supposedly will have a car for me.

With the windchill it’s in the 30’s outside here in Virginia Beach.

2/26/23 – Rental Car Day (part 2)
Today I went to the “other” rental car office. The clerk had to get her manager and the manager explained that the car we have has been recalled. (Verified via the internet.) So she has to give me a different vehicle, though had nothing appropriate, but will tomorrow afternoon. So much fun.

2/27/23 – Rental Car Day (part 3)
I finally got a new rental car. A Subaru Outback. The seats aren’t quite as comfortable as the Explorer, but it’s smaller and gets better gas mileage.

2/28/23 – Rental Car Day (part 4)
For various reasons the new rental car is not going to work out for us, so tomorrow I have to take it back and exchange it for something else.

I would have exchanged it today, but the President is in town and traffic was a mess all day.

3/1/23 – Rental Car Day (part 5)
They agreed to switch rental cars, but had nothing but full size pickup trucks. I have to go back tomorrow after 4PM. They should have something appropriate then.