Tom Week – Recent Nostalgia

Recent Nostalgia

When I think of nostalgia I tend to think of long-ago. As we prepare to leave San Francisco I’ve started having nostalgia for just a few years ago. Back when I had a job and friends. Going to comedy shows all the time. Of course my memory is white-washed by time. I don’t really want to go back. Just wishing for a nice flashback.

Drugs and Depression

Weird happenings and guardian angels. Due to my switch in insurance I ran out of one of my diabetes drugs. After a few days I noticed that my depression was gone. Turns out that long-term use of my old diabetes drug often leads to depression. Such fun.

100 Words

Sorry fans of these little stories. I’ve been working on the new novel but I hope to get back to writing the 100 word pieces this week.

Photo by Fabio Téllez

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