Tom Week - Rain and Nostalgia

sunset boats

4/4/24 – And The Rain Came Down
Also hail and up in the hills, snow. Yes, snow, in April, in California. That stuff’s not right.

If you’re printing a PDF and not getting all the content, the trick is to set the printer to print to the printable area. About as redundant as it gets.

So after learning COBOL, I did a refresher tutorial in UNIX and now I’m learning RUST. What emotional hole am I trying to fill with this knowledge?

4/5/24 – Bike Shopping
Not shopping for a bike, shopping on my bike. When riding your bike to the grocery store you have to be real careful with the shopping list. I did manage to carry home 6 liters of water though. The best part though is that I got to stop and have a conversation with a vulture. That never would have happened in a car.

4/6/24 – The Kids Stopped By
Chester and Rachel stopped by and took Tonya for ice cream. She hates when that happens.

It was almost nice enough for a bike ride, but it’s going to be 70 in two days, so I decided to wait.

4/7/24 – Moss Landing
The sea lions are yelping. What more could you want?

4/8/24 – Phil’s Fish Market
One of the reasons to come to Moss Landing, though the restaurant is now three miles down the road in Castroville. Great food. Not cheap.

4/9/24 – Planning Day
Nearly all the medical appointments are in place. The campground stays are arranged. The rental cars are reserved. So much fun.

4/10/24 – Garlic Redeux
Back in Gilroy. We only went 25 miles but it’s 20 degrees warmer here than it was in Moss Landing.