Tom Week - Post Production

Tonya and ollie

8/25/22 – Tired and Wired

Got home from all night movie shoot at 6:30 this morning. Got to sleep about 8. Woke up a 10:30. Too wired to sleep.

8/26/22 – Oh The Humidity

In preparation of this afternoon’s thunder storm the humidity decided to make the air miserable. Then it rained. Now it’s cooling off.

I have too many writing projects. For the last few days I’ve been trying to get organized. Now I have even less time to write because I’m too busy organizing.

8/27/22 – Furniture Day

I helped Ann collect furniture from two houses today. It was some of the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen. It was also the heaviest. They were giving us this stuff for free and thanking us for taking it off their hands.

8/28/22 – Clara Barton Road

I went exploring on my bike today and wound up on Clara Barton Road which leads to Clara Barton’s birthplace and compound. Then I took a side road which Google Maps said would take me to downtown Oxford. They were wrong. After a very long climb there was a dead end. The price of adventure.

8/29/22 – The Vehicle

Today I bid on a vehicle on eBay. So far I am the only bidder and it has just a day and a half to go. Nobody bid. Nobody bid. Nobody bid.

8/30/22 – Eye Measurement

Today Pat got her eyes measured. I kept imagining Bob the Builder holding a tape measure up to her face. That’s not what happened.

8/31/22 – Got It!

I was high bidder on eBay. I now own a Bianchi moped of unknown age and condition. It’s sitting outside the RV right now. Analysis starts tomorrow.