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Tom Week – Post Christmas Post

Christmas in Moss Landing

Merry Christmas

Missing family. First Christmas without Dad.

Mid-Week RVing

Sitting in Moss Landing right now. During the summer on weekends this park is always full. Right now, on a Tuesday in December, there are only eight RVs. Kind of spooky, but the dogs are able to roam without bothering anyone.

The best thing about sitting in the RV is how the worry all goes away.


Pat’s Zappy scooter battery died a while ago. I replaced it with an inexact copy, but it never worked very well. They don’t make the original battery anymore. I finally went on-line and found a good site on electric scooter repair. I took their advice, threw away all the original wiring and replace it with wires and connectors that I assembled myself. The scooter now works perfectly.

Unfortunately the web site also showed how to modify the scooter to give it much greater battery life and range. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Living in the Now

So I’ve actually gotten much better at letting go of the past. The past can not be changed. The problem I’m having now is the future. I’m expending so much energy preparing for my next job, which I may never actually get, that I’m not doing the work that needs doing now. Mainly getting ready for the move.

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