Tom Week – Pismo to Gilroy

12/17/20 – Pismo Mellow

This is one of those weird places where I’m automatically shifted into relax mode. Nothing needs to get done. All is well.

I actually got a ton of work done on two different animations. I never worked this much/hard when I had a job. Of course, insurance websites aren’t nearly as interesting as the adventures of little yellow amorphic creatures.

12/18/20 – Prunedale

Back where my bike got stolen. It will remain locked tightly, though that may not be needed because they now have a security guard who constantly circles the campground.

12/19/20 – A Hill Too Steep

Went for a short bike ride today. Short because the hill I climbed wore me out. Only 230 feet high, but packed into a quarter mile. That’s steep. At the top I decided I’d better head home. The ride down was fun. First time I’ve ever done 45 on a bike.

Weird Tom Facts; I suffer from dykyklouphobia. The irrational fear of two-stroke engines.

12/19/20 – The Wind Blows Both Ways

Today’s bike ride was windy, no matter which way I went. I’m assuming it’s something weird about the deep valleys I was riding in.

Didn’t sleep much last night. I was working on an animation yesterday and it’s going well. I was so wired about it that I didn’t get to sleep till three this morning.

12/21/20 – Gilroy Run Around

It was just a short ride to Gilroy today, but since we’re settling down for a month we had a bunch of shopping to get done. Fortunately, the Giroyans are all masked up and six feet apart.

The highlight of the day was an irritated man at Walmart asking why there were no ripe bananas. In reality, the bananas were just a bit green. The clerk told the man that there would be plenty of ripe bananas tomorrow. Everyone one within earshot laughed, except the irritated man. The look of horror on the clerk’s face when he realized he was talking to a grown man who did not know how bananas work, even behind the mask, was wonderful.

Clear skies tonight. Got to see the full planetary conjuncture on the winter solstice as well. I feel lucky.

12/22/20 – Still, The Wind

Cold day, but not too cold. I rode my bike for 5.5 straight into the wind. Fortunately, Gilroy is much flatter. Then I got to ride 5.5 miles with the wind. Yee Haw!

Working on my first major Clayman animation. Learning lots of things, doing a lot wrong, but my paranoid obsession to detail helped me minimize the impact of the mistakes.

12/23/20 – Making Book

I spent a couple hours today creating a 3D book object. I thought, How hard can it be? Yeah, that was a dumb thing to think. I’m quite happy with the results so far, but to do it right I have to start over from scratch because the armature is wrong, and it’s easier to create a new one than to try fix the existing one.


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