Tom Week – pinpoint depression

Pinpoint Depression

thorn photo - pinpoint depression
Photo by Douglas Haase

Nearly everything in my life is wonderful, yet I continue to focus on the few things that aren’t. I’m calling this pinpoint depression. While it’s easier to deflect than overall depression it’s still annoying. As usual I’m over-thinking it all. I’m getting better at meditating every day, but can’t seem to pull these nagging thorns from my mind.


Just read a great article about ageism in Silicon Valley. Apparently the term over qualified has become a euphemism for old. Hmmm.

The site also suggests what I have suspected, that smaller markets have less of a youth fetish. Time to seriously plan a move to someplace cheaper.

Dead Tablet

My tablet died last night. It was getting flaky for some time now and the latest Android update trashed it fully. I downloaded an android hacking program and even it said that the machine was toast. I ordered a nice new blue one with a detachable keyboard. In the meantime I’m using my old old tablet that has all kinds of problems buy still mostly functions. The touch screen doesn’t work but it has a pen that does. The charger doesn’t always work so I have to make sure I wiggle the USB cable just right when plugging it in. Such fun.


The fear of missing out. I just realized that I am an information hoarder. With my tablet dying I’m missing all the news my apps threw at me all day long. What I realize though is that all that information is pretty much worthless. Not that I want to stick my head in the sand, but I have to deal with the fact that I don’t, or shouldn’t, need to know everything that’s going on.


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