Tom Week – Pharmacy Fun

The Pharmacy Medsaga

The pharmacy through which I get my meds is making me crazy. When I lived in SF they were great, but life on the road is causing them issues. The branch is San Francisco keeps filling prescriptions. We’ve called them a couple of times to stop. They say they will, but they don’t. So I have three prescriptions waiting for me there.

On the pharmacy’s app I set my store to one here in Flagstaff. I put in a request which has now been pending for several day. Back home it took a couple hours at most, not three days. If I don’t get them tomorrow I’m going to transfer them to Albuquerque.

The next day: I was to pick up three of my meds today. Turns out a computer glitch hid the order from the pharmacy until they looked it up by my name. I’ll try to get the rest in Albuquerque.


As we travel I have developed a steady reading habit. I have several novels on my Kindle and I’ve been reading daily a whole bunch of flash fiction writers on Twitter.


I rode to downtown Gallup and back. 9.1 miles averaging 13.3 miles per hour. A new record. Gallup looks a lot like Winslow, only all the stores are open. I passed more than 20 native jewelry stores and each had cars parked outside.

Twist of Twitter

I haven’t been paying attention to the big picture. I’ve been busy tweeting my tiny stories and reading other writers’ tiny stories. Today I happened to see my profile page. I have 171 followers. I’m averaging 300 reads, 20 likes and 2 retweets per tweet. This is tiny by twitter celebrity standards, but for an introvert like me it’s a floodgate opening.

Riding Again

11.6 miles at 12.7 mph. A little slower than Gallup but 200 feet more of climbing. There is a great road next to the park that leads to the local race track. No one uses it during the week except trash trucks and police cars. Just past the track is the town landfill, and past that the county prison.

A better CVS

After the delay in Flagstaff I was worried about filling two prescriptions in Albuquerque. Turns out that just Flagstaff has a problem. Got one filled here in only a couple hours.

The quest for food

Albuquerque has a serious fast food addiction. We drove all over town looking for a restaurant. Nothing fancy. All we found was fast food. Finally gave in and had McDonalds. When we got back to the RV we found that all the real restaurants are tucked away in a few little cubby holes off downtown.


Driving the rental truck today I went to change the radio station and hit the wrong button and up pops the GPS. That would have been helpful yesterday.

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