Tom Week - Pat's Famous

crochet gift

5/16/24 – Building Worlds
I’m learning yet another animation program. This one has promise, but is very picky about importing 3D objects. I’ve been downloading like crazy, but only a bout 1 in 4 actually work. Slowly getting there.

5/17/24 – Propane Emergency
The weather has been very nice so we kind of lost track of the propane. So when I did check yesterday I found it just about empty. We had to unhook and drive to the other side of the park get filled up. Details, details.

5/18/24 – Shower Day
We are currently at the mercy of the park’s showers because ours needs caulking and I keep forgetting. More details, details.

5/19/24 – The Famous Anonymous
Pat is famous but nobody knows who she is. Well, famous is a relative term. She belongs to a group on Facebook. They crochet little things and leaves them in places for people to find. People who find them are encouraged to post their finds to the Facebook group, but few people do. Well, this week someone posted a picture of where they found one of Pat’s. Hazzah!

5/20/24 – Close Calls
Monday is the day I search the casting notices. For the first time in a while there were several possible roles, but nearly all of the had shoot dates on appointment days. Though there was one that shot on free days, and I was perfect for the part except that I’m not Phillipino.

5/21/24 – Stuff Done Day
Some days stuff just gets done. Laundry, grocery shopping, trip to Walgreens, going out for dinner, and getting in a bike ride. That’s a lot for us normal still folks.

5/22/24 – The AHA moment
I spend a lot of time learning things. Some are easy, some are hard. Last night I was up past 1AM trying to learn how to do something in this 3d program. I finally gave up, went to bad and had weird dreams. This morning, I did a search on the internet, but used the wrong word, which was the key to the answer.

So I found a description explaining once again how the “official” way of doing things is not the best way. So now I know how to do what I need to do, and it’s easy. AHA!