Tom Week - Past Home


4/18/24 – Slow Banking
We had to add my name to Tonya’s bank account. Sounds simple enough. It took an hour and a half. 

4/19/24 – Friday Rush
This park is pretty empty during the week. Not on Friday. There are now three Airstreams, three Cruise Americas and an old Chinook. That, plus the usual assortment of off-white motorhomes and trailers.

The people across the road are trying to start a fire in what can only be described as high winds. They don’t appear to be having fun.

4/20/24 – Restless Wandering
I got yelled at by a goose. The other three geese politely moved off the bike path as I approached, but this one stood his ground and honked at me, so I honked back.

And, it turns out that Donna Douglas and Donna Dixon ARE two different people. Another theory blown.

4/21/24 – By The Sea
I can’t actually see the sea from here, but if I open the window I can hear and smell it.

4/22/24 – Claustrophobic Caumedy
Very funny people performing in a tiny venue with a wonderful vibe, but just too crowded for me. Sorry I had to leave early folks.
4/23/24 – Doctor Stuff
After preparing for the worst, it didn’t happen. Relieved, but now I have replan next steps. 

Too much fog. No full moon for us.

4/24/24 – Random Wind
When I came out of Safeway there was no wind at all, so I thought I’d get a bike ride in. By the time I got back to the RV park the wind was back. No bike ride today.