Tom Week - Parts and Covid


10/6/20 – Extra Parts
Nice weather today. Got lots of stuff done outside. Supposed to be nice tomorrow too. 

The moped started first try again. Hooray! Now for the oil leak. Need a part that they sell at Autozone for a whopping 79 cents.

Put together the new cargo rack for the back of the RV. The instructions were pretty vague, but eventually I got everything together and pointing in the right direction. I even had some left over parts. You’re not a real mechanic unless you have left over parts.

10/7/22 – Eye Gunk
Pat had to go back to the eye doctor today. Fortunately, just a bad case of dry eye. 

Another warm sunny day. It will be that last for a while.

10/8/22 – Bins Ahoy!
Today I tackled the largest and messiest of the RV’s bins. I’ve been meaning to clean it out since we got to Worcester. Some day I will be the world’s greatest procrastinator. 

Today I found online a PDF of the moped’s engine’s service manual. Boy oh boy oh boy!

10/9/22 – Things Away
Packing things away. Throwing things away. Dumping old water. Do we really need this, that or the other thing? Probably not. Except that tool that I haven’t used in four years. I might need that some day.

Do we have too much yarn? That’s a silly question. There is no such thing as too much yarn.

10/10/22 – The Road!
We hit the road today. Went a whopping 90 miles. We are at a very nice campground at an amusement park that’s only open on weekends, so it’s mostly empty. Next stop New York.

This morning Ann helped me load the moped on to the cargo rack. It almost fits. All we had to do was remove the front wheel.

10/11/22 – Yes, I’m positive
Covid positive that is.

10/12/22 – Feeling Better
Symptoms come and go but rarely all at the same time. So far I’ve avoided the shortness of breath and I can still smell and taste.

I think I’ve tracked down where I got it, and no, I wasn’t wearing a mask. My fault.