Tom Week – Paris

5/29/20 – Paris

For her birthday I took Pat to Paris to see the Eiffel tower. Yes, it was Paris Texas. Yes, it is only one tenth the size of the one in France. But does the once in France have a huge red cowboy hat on top? I think not!

We are parked for two days in a crowded park in the middle of a nowhere Texas highway. I love it. There are cows.

5/30/20 – Longhorns

I should have realized that while in Texas, one does not just have cows next door. One has longhorns. A nightmare for sufferers of taurophobia.

I took a ride today and explored the downtowns of Savoy and Bells Texas. That didn’t take too long.

5/31/20 – North Texas

Every state has their own “only in _____” things. North Texas is that kind of place. Knife outlet stores, high caliber shooting ranges, deer processing shops. Those, I expected. The fireworks shop that also sells propane? That I did not expect.

We’re now on the “prairie” part of Texas, on our way north to try to escape next week’s heat. It’s supposed to hit 100 here on Wednesday. Yuck.

6/1/20 – The Burkburnett Experience

The only thing between us and Oklahoma is the Welcome To Texas sign. Tomorrow we go to Oklahoma. The day after we cross back into a different part of Texas. You can’t get there from here.

Took what I thought was a long bike ride today, but it turned out to be only nine miles. I blame the rough shoulders and humidity for my miscalculation of effort. Though I did manage to get a picture of some cows standing in water, so it was all worth it.

6/2/20 – Oklahoma Land

A lot like Texas, but with more casinos. The park we’re at has buffaloes. (Is that spelling right? The spell-checker says so. Looks weird to me.) Today only hit 90. Thanks to a stiff breeze it was tolerable.

We’re in an area with very low COVID-19 infections. Very few people wearing masks though.

6/3/20 – Across Texas

Started the day on Oklahoma. Drove through Texas. Now we are in Tucumcari New Mexico. It was a long day on the road, but not as bad as expected. We are now in Mountain time so the TV is all kinds of mixed up.


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