Tom Week – Over Planning


I’m doing it again. It’s part of my FOMO. (Fear of missing out.) I have so many movies to watch and books to read that I’m actually scheduling time everyday for them. These are supposed the things I do to relax and they are causing stress. So what’s the point?

The biggest problem is that what’s losing out in the priority sweepstakes is my writing. I keep putting off work on the novel, though not in my head. I mean, I work on the novel in my head, but don’t spend the time writing things down. We’re prepping for some major life changes and I hope that after “the event” I will find the writing habit again.

I guess that’s my problem. I’m trying to build habits in an environment that’s unfriendly to them.

Google Scholarship Renewal

I made it to the second part of the program. This part is for six months and at the end I will have a Nanodegree in Front-End Web Development. It’s what I’ve been doing for decades, but this will prove to potential employers that I’m formally educated and up to date.

Long Ride

Nice weather so I went for a long bike ride. 19.2 miles, 820 feet of climbing. I’m not nearly as tired as expected.

Random Thoughts

I looked into her lonely eyes, but dreamed about those golden thighs. (Line from the new novel.)

Piss, shit, vomit and blood. Caring for an old dog sometimes requires a whole lot of paper towels.


Punk rock was the voice of my generation. Only problem is that my generation didn’t have anything to say.

The latest Harbor Freight flyer says it’s the last one I’m going to get. Yeah, I’ve heard that before.

Someone keeps stealing jokes I haven’t written yet.

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