Tom Week - Out South

Plastic Dolphin

11/17/22 – The South
We are in Pooler GA, just outside Savannah. There’s grits everywhere. You have to order unsweet tea. And you are constantly addressed as honey, darling or sweetie. It is however, still cold. The warm weather is getting closer though. A couple hundred miles away it’s in the 80’s.

11/18/22 – Savannah
Beautiful downtown. Glad we weren’t in the RV. 

11/19/22 – Grannie’s
Driving through Starke we stopped at our favorite restaurant. Yummy. There were some bikers there. One had a jacket from The Salty Goat, a bar in Panama City Beach I’ve wanted to visit. Then I noticed that his friend had several Nazi tattoos, so maybe not.

We are in Ocala for two days. Tomorrow is supposed to be 74 degrees.

11/20/22 – 61 + 1
Cold and rainy day. The weather people lied to us again. Now they say tomorrow will be 74. Yeah, I’ve heard that before.

11/21/22 – Credit Card Fun
Today someone tried to use my credit card number to buy stuff online. Fortunately we have credit monitoring. (Pat’s idea.)

We’re at a very nice motel for a week. It hit 80 today. Time to relax.

11/22/22 – Frank Town
Today we toured the campus of Florida Southern University, the home to 12 buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Very cool stuff.

Then my father’s voice in my head INSISTED that I buy lottery tickets. He’s sure I’ll be a winner this time. Never worked before, but I’ll give it a go.

11/23/22 – Off To Sprouts
Our favorite grocery store. Both for the food and the people-watching. We figured that the next two days are Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we should get our shopping done today.