Tom Week - On The Set


9/28/23 – On Set
So much fun! So much repetition! Everyone was no nice. All my flubs were forgiven.

9/29/23 – Day Of Exhaustion
Got home at 2:30 this morning. Got up at 9. That’s a better than average sleep for me, but yesterday was so long, I’m pretty exhausted.

9/30/23 – Rainy Day Recovery
I hadn’t realized how tense I’d become over the movie shoot. Spent the day unwinding and planning to get done all the stuff I’ve been putting off.

10/1/23 – October!
It’s October! Time to sit and watch an endless stream of Halloween-adjacent movies. Waffling between blood, guts and high camp. Renewing my love affair with Barbara Steele. Kneeling at the alter of Vincent Price.

10/2/23 – Tipping Over
New RV park today. The spot they gave us was unlevelable. Fortunately, they’re mostly empty, and we were able to move to a much flatter spot. We’re still on the side of a steep hill, but the spot is flat.

10/4/23 – The Northwest Hills
Skipped the bike ride today in order to get some work done on the RV, not because the campground is at the top of a very steep hill. I fixed a bent piece of trim, glued some weather-stripping and measured the exhaust, so I can replace the damaged parts.

10/5/23 – There Are Signs
I braved the hills today, but wound up not following the planned route. There was a bad accident, so the road into town was blocked. I took that as a not too subtle sign not to go that way. If I hadn’t stopped to get dad a lottery ticket, I might have been there when the accident happened.

Yes. I buy lottery tickets for passed father.