Tom Week – On bikes and a bridge

7/9/20 – Bike Shopping With Mr. Ed

It took a while but I figured out how to hook Irving’s “shopping” bags onto Mr. Ed. The problem with shopping trips on a bike is that there is no room for impulse buys. I forgot that and bought and 8-pack of Gatorade. I did manage to pack everything on the bike except for the loaf of bread. I had to carry that as I rode. People stared.

7/10/20 – Bike ride With The Nazz

Eleven miles today. Still getting used to the differences. Still need to make some adjustments to the brakes and the front shifter, but nothing that will stop me from riding.

Spending a lot of time learning Blender. It’s an animation program. Wonderfully complicated.

7/11/20 – The internet lies

Just because something is on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s true. I followed two different videos on how to adjust disc brakes on a bike, with no luck. The I found one with an entirely different approach. It worked on the real wheel. Took less than 5 minutes. The front wheel took longer because I had to undo the bad adjustments from the first two attempts.

So now the wheels spin with no friction from the brakes, and the brakes still work great. Yeah! The bike is still a pain, literally, to climb hills with. I need much smaller front chain rings. Fortunately that’s not a major, or expensive, operation.

This is a great park. I realize I haven’t said that in a while. Lots of happy families.

7/12/20 – Under the Bridge

We are parked in the shadow of the Albion River Bridge. A scary tall trestle bridge that is still mostly wood. According to Wikipedia, it is the last wooden bridge left on California Highway 1. Despite large sections of concrete and steel it reminds me of the wooden roller coaster at Whalom Park. I was never brave enough to ride it.

7/13/20 – On the Beach

The beach is 50 yards away. It’s an amazing collection of rocks and shells. It’s at the end of a cove with layers of rocks. Far out the huge waves crash. Then each row of rocks slows the waves a bit more, till the gentle lapping hits the sand.

The mailman was apparently afraid to come down the steep hill, so we have to go the post office to pick up Pat’s package. The weird thing is that the post office is just 0.2 miles away, as the crows flies. To get there though, we have to go a quarter mile in the wrong direction, climb 250 feet, then cross the rickety wooden bridge with no sidewalk. We’re going to wait till we leave.

7/14/20 – Doom Fog

The longer we sit here the creepier it gets. There is nothing obvious, but it is pervasive. The other campers don’t seem to notice. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’ve read too many Lovecraft stories. Surrounded by steep cliffs under an old wooden bridge. The fog has a menacing energy. I love it.

7/15/20 – Welcome to Albion

I went to the Albion post office to pick up Pat’s package. The woman there confirmed that they don’t have any drivers brave enough to go down the hill to the campground. I sense there is some dislike for motorhomes in this town. On the wall of the post office was a poster of a burnt out Fleetwood with a sign, “Welcome to Albion” attached.


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