Tom Week – Oklahoma To Texas

10/15/20 – Boise City Oklahoma

We’re at Wild Bill’s RV Park in Boise City Oklahoma. It is tiny, tacky and wonderful. We are guarded by a giant Wizard of Oz Tin Man. To our left lives an Oklahoma State Trooper. To our right is a couple with seven little dogs. I love this place.

10/16/20 – Went With The Wind

Driving south to Amarillo was a windy adventure. There is nothing to stop the wind round these here parts.

This RV park appears to have a morgue. There is a small air-conditioned building that does not appear on the park map, that has a sad cowboy silhouette on the side. What else could it be?

10/17/20 – Weather in Amarillo

Yesterday’s high was 61. Today’s was 86. Tomorrow 56. Got in a bike ride. The miles fly when there are no hills.

Amarillo has a famous steak house where your steak, 72 ounces, is free if you can eat it in an hour. They also have free limos pick you up at your campground or hotel. Several have gone through today. Judging from the state of the limos I don’t think the steakhouse is doing too well.

10/18/20 – Weatherman Lies

Today was not 56, it was 45, with a windchill of 33. Spent the day inside in my warm hoodie. Got a lot of work done on an animation though.

10/19/20 – Getting Warmer Slowly

By noon it was all the way up to 45. At 4PM it was 70. Got laundry done today, and lots of writing. (Including this.) Mixed feelings about tomorrow.

10/20/20 – Happy Birthme!

Yes, today is my birthday. It warmed up enough to go for a bike ride. I got a flat. Long, thin, sharp nail hit my front tire’s only weak spot. Time for some rim tape maybe.

I got myself a birthday beer. Actually two, because they were buy one get one free. Lone Star, The National Beer of Texas.

Played game night with the siblings. Very silly, but good to see them, even if it’s only on the screen.


Author: Tom
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