Tom Week - Off The Slide

the snow moon

2/22/24 – Universal Hiccups
Sometimes problems do just solve themselves. Not the slideout. That’s still broken. Calling the repair guy tomorrow. But Pat’s trouble getting her meds is done. They’ve shipped.

2/23/24 – Slideout Runaround
Having trouble finding someone to fix the slideout. Phone calls unreturned mostly.

Rode my bike ten miles today. Lots of nice bike paths along “creeks.” In north-west Houston, creek means drainage ditch.

2/24/24 – Snow Moon in Niederwald
The full moon with be rising shortly behind me. It’s February in Texas, so Snow Moon has little meaning. It was 80 degrees here today. Yes, there really is a place called Niederwald Texas. This area was settled by Germans. Wikipedia did not explain why.

The sunset is glorious.

2/25/24 – Wind Day
Simple physics. On my bike I average 10 miles an hour. The wind is 20 miles an hour. If I start off going into the wind it will be a bunch of fun on the way back, but at what cost? I think taking a nap was a better use of my energy.

2/26/24 – Foggy Day
The first half of the day was all foggy. It made me miss San Francisco. 

Almost half-way across Texas and I finally found a store that sells Lone Star Beer singles. If you come to Texas, you must drink a Lone Stare, but having more than one is beyond reasonable expectations.

2/27/24 – To Tell The Truth
I haven’t seen this show in a long time and my memories of the panelists were all wrong. Kitty Carlisle was smarter the all the others put together. I watched two episodes, four rounds total, and she got it right every time.

Though my impressions of Gene Rayburn are still valid.

2/28/24 – The Repair Man Cometh
Finally got someone to come look at the slideout. He’s coming tomorrow at 9AM. Oh boy!