Tom Week Of Days

moped in the rain

9/29/22 – Gastalgia Day

The bubbles are back in the moped’s fuel line. I looked it up and the internet says that it could be one of a hundred things. I’m starting with the simplest, assuming the fuel hose is loose, so I’ve ordered a new one.

The smell of gas reminds me of my time working at the gas station. Pat is not so pleased with the odor.

9/30/22 – Brrrr Day

I keep getting ads from RV campgrounds down south. They have sunshine, or will have sunshine when the storm is done. 

I bought pants today. Apparently two pairs aren’t enough. Especially when one pair is covered in oil and grease and the other smells like gasoline.

10/1/22 – Windows 11 Day

Not officially, just for me. I finally gave in and upgraded. The final push was finding out the under Windows 11 I can run Linux GUI programs. The Windows part of the upgrade went smoothly. Getting the Linux stuff to work took a few tries, but is now working fine. Oh Boy!

10/2/22 – Middle-Aged Guy Day

It was middle-aged guy day today at Harbor Freight. Though Pat’s pretty sure that everyday is middle-aged guy day at Harbor Freight. 

Shopping at the Oxford MA Walmart late on a Sunday afternoon is dodgy at best. There were many empty or near empty shelves. I suspect that since it was built on the bones of the Oxford Drive-In it suffers from some spiritual difficulties.

10/3/22 – Gas Cap Day

Today I finally Googled the correct combination of words and found the solution for why Eeyore the Moped has so much trouble starting. The website suggested I try loosening the gas cap. As silly as it sounded, I tried it, and it worked. Started first try. I love the internet.

Well, the end of stay here in the driveway is nearing its end. The last package is on its way and as soon as it arrives we can make definite plans.

10/4/22 – Rejection Day

AKA, no room at campground. We picked a fine time to leave here Lucille. We’re about ready to hit the road, but this weekend is a long one and probably the last one for New England RV’ers. So all the campgrounds are full.

As a result, we are leaving next Monday. 

10/5/22 – No Mask Day

Tried to buy face masks at WalMart. They all had latex. Pat’s alergic. Went to CVS. All their masks had a warning that they don’t protect against disease. Why do they have masks that don’t do anything?

Pat found some online and ordered them.