Tom Week - Odd Week

8/4/22 – Back In The Driveway

Back in the heat. In the 90’s again for the next several days. Who needs sleep? 

Brought Spencer over to Ann’s and he and Lizzy actually played for a bit. There’s hope.

8/5/22 – Humidity Plus

Hot and humid. Sitting still as much as possible. Naps. There must be naps.

8/6/22 – Hopkinton State Park

Nostalgia overload. Nothing about this place has changed since I was a little boy. I’m pretty sure that’s the same ice cream truck from so long ago, though the prices have gone up a tad. 

Due to bacteria there was no swimming allowed, but the lifeguard was still on duty to keep people out of the water.

8/7/22 – Urgent Care Again

Pat took Tonya to see a doctor. We got new drugs to try. 

8/8/22 – One More Day

For the third day in a row the weather people have said that we have one more day of the oppressive heat and humidity. The last two days were not the last days as promised. If tomorrow isn’t the last day I shall be miffed.

We took Spencer to the vet and they gave us probiotics and they already seem to be helping.

8/9/22 – The Good, The Bad, The Weird

I’ve got an audition for a small speaking role in a movie.

Spencer is having kidney problems. Back to the vet tomorrow.

This morning a movie showed up in my recommended list; Linda Lovelace For President. After some research I discovered that Vaughn Meader has a small role in the movie. I researched Vaughn yesterday. Mystery solved.

8/10/22 – Doggie IV

Today I learned how to administer IV fluids on a dog. Spencer’s kidney’s are failing. We are trying a few things to see if will stabilize, but it doesn’t look good.